How Green Should You Go?

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Last month I had several calls that had a similar "flavour" to them. In two cases, there were relatively new toilets with different problems, but both flush related. Also in both cases the toilets were "green" with a dual flush and cost effective. Also in both cases, service parts were not readily available. One of the toilets was so generic that it had to be replaced. In the second case, a toll free number was provided and the toilets owner was on the phone for over 45 minutes (and given several different numbers to call) before getting a human that could ship the required part to her address. (I hope it's the right part!) Another situation was a faucet (and NOT an inexpensive one either!) that would yield no pressure and what would ordinarily be a simple service issue, with this particular faucet there seemed to be no way to correct the problem.

I've mentioned before that I'm all for saving money, and I guess the point I'm trying to make with this tip is to be wary of a "really good deal" when purchasing fixtures and taps. Even if you're having a contractor (hopefully Hanwell Plumbing & Heating) install new products - be certain that the products in question have readily available service parts! Toll free numbers and two week delivery times is not "readily available"! Fixtures or taps with no names on them does not make for easy many cases, the labour costs to locate the parts almost renders the items too expensive to fix. They're not very "green" if they're constantly ending up in your local land fill sites!

So if you're thinking of "going green" and are wondering where you should focus your efforts...

"Just Call Robin! "

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